2010 Best Blog Award

I've been following a number of interesting blogs lately. And I thought today why not present best bloggers with an award, in recognition of their excellent work.

You will be able to vote for your favorite bloggers. The blogger that receives the largest number of votes will win this award.

We will award three bloggers for; first, second and third place.

Do you think its a good idea?


Tassy said...

Salaam sister! What a lovely blog. I do not know why I did not come across your blogs before! But I am glad I have now found you, and thank you for emailing me.I think I will enjoy coming to your blog:)I wanted to add that the 'sister's challenge' banner on your personal blog is private.I clicked on it and tried to join but wouldn't let me.
Speak to you soon...

Amber Misk said...

Thanks Tassy for your kind words :-)
You didn't get access to the sisters challenge website because its private membership only. I will send you an invitation link via email.