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Taslimah's blog: Craftytassy:

What cartoon character best describes you?
I think I would say ‘Tinkerbell’: sometimes ill-tempered, at other times helpful. It also happens that at times, when I do talk, nobody understands me expect myself and those who really know me! lol

In 5 words or less describe your creative work.
Experimental. Colourful. Non-conformist.

How did you come up with your blog name?
My name is Taslimah but my friends call me Tas or Tassy and my blog will showcase my crafts. So I picked craftytassy as it describes who I am.

When and why did you decide to start your blog?
I started back in 2007 when I first learnt about blogging. I wanted to showcase my work, mostly as a way to allow my friends and family to have access to my creations as and when they want.

Where do you get your inspiration for your projects?
I get inspirations from everywhere. Sometimes it could be from a craft magazine but mostly from non craft related objects such as: flowers, people, buildings, colours, a shop display and the list goes on.

Which of the tools you use is your favorite?
I think my favourite tool has to my ATG gun. This has saved me so much money and it really makes my projects stay ‘put’ together, very sticky indeed.

What advice would you give to someone starting a creative project?
Be yourself. It is fine to scraplift ideas here and there, but, mostly, create with your heart, follow with your mind. Do not be afraid to ‘let loose’. Be as bold as you want or as subtle as you wish.

What’s the most important thing you’d like people to know/understand about your work?
Art is subjective. Allow each person to create and be unique in their work without being too ‘judgmental’ about it as there is no right or wrong when it comes to creating. My work reflects a variety of ‘themes’ and it is for this very reason I craft: I can be free in my thoughts and creations.

What have you learned about yourself through your work?
That I can be very meticulous when it comes to get re-create something I had in my mind. Sometimes it is hard to achieve that, and I do not stop until I have got it right. So, I have realised that I do not give up easily even if it is time consuming in my craft world.

If you had the time, what new craft/medium would you like to learn or use?
I would love to learn screen printing. I’ve always been fascinated by this.

What’s your definition of a perfect day?
My perfect day would be waking up and having a fresh cup of tea with a good craft magazine. Being healthy and enjoying a good meal with loved ones, including an hour at the gym, couple of hours of creating work of Art. Talking to my mum and praying to God.

What is your favorite dessert?
As surprising as this might sound: I do not {heart} dessert! If I have to eat it, I will probably go for a chocolate mousse but not after dinner. I would have this at tea time. So basically, no dessert for me wherever I go.

What would be a dream project that you’d love to accomplish in 114 days?
Getting kids around my local community to gather in a hall, and make cards for children around the world, who might never have received a card before, or for sick children in hospital…or do a fundraising. This is something I really would love to accomplish, if I do have the support.

Thank you Taslimah for this wonderful interview. And for sharing with us your lovely work. 


AyaGyptian said...

Mashallah Beautiful work, i love her artwork :)

craftytassy said...

Jazakallah for your kind comment:)Really appreciate it.