Almiskeenah: Year of mornings

I just could not leave Saudi Arabia without congratulating Almiskeenah (OMG what a humble name). She recently took part in a flickr-marathon. She took 365 morning pictures. A big commitment and impressively she was up to the challenge. BRAVO :)
"one of the many brass polishers atop a light pillar silhouetted against this morning's sunrise" Almiskeenah

So who is Almiskeenah? 
She’d like you to know this about her blog posts:
"They are humble whisperings of a humble speck from Madinatun Nabi, the Radiant, the Beloved, the Blessed, the Protected, the Endowed, THE HUMBLE CITY of LIGHT that forever shines from the luminance of our Beloved Al-Mustafa, the best of creation, SallAllahu alaihi wasallam. Being in this luminance reduces one to a mere speck."

And about her life in Saudi Arabia:
"I am Australian. We came here more than eight years ago :) So many things are very different, but our intention to be here is not for seeking the worldly things...sometimes easier said than done and naturally there are things/people/customs we miss.”

"a beautiful quilt that has seen better days" Almiskeenah

"an unplanned subject....couldn't resist the surreal image" Almiskeenah

Wasn't I right to stay a bit longer in Saudi Arabia and congratulate our active sister.  And in case you are wondering how she felt after completing this challenge, she said it was “crazy…super crazy, mega crazy! A gruelling challenge, never to be repeated!”
"baboons on the road from Madinah to Makkah. 
This selfish one would not share even a tiny bit with those looking on!"Almiskeenah

"while many are blessed with snow...we have been blessed with RAIN!!!! a BIG thing for here...making slushy mud puddles that at least pigeons enjoy" Almiskeenah

Almiskeenah might not repeat it this year, but she's certainly inspired me. You can view the entire collection of "year of mornings" on flickr.

Has she tempted you to run a similar flickr-marathon?

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