Artist, Author, Entrepreneur : Salma Arastu

If you don't know my special guest today, I suggest you sit comfortably and watch this lovely true movie. Its 23:47 minute long, so switch off your mobile and close your room if you have to. It's beautiful, trust me :)


Salma has been painting for thirty some years. She has traveled extensively, from India to Iran, Kuwait, UK, Germany and US.

Folk art, miniature art and Arabic calligraphy are three strong influences of her art. All textures and colors and traditions of Rajasthan, India, the region of her birth, have created the inspirational foundations of her work.

At birth, Salma, was given the life-defining challenge of a left hand without fingers. Seeing the unity of an all-encompassing God, she was able to transcend barriers often set forth in the traditions of religion, culture and the cultural perceptions of handicaps.

She said that “though I was born without fingers on my left hand, my faith in God has assured me that I was born for a special reason, to spread that love of God, which I have received since my childhood. I want my viewer to gain strength from my painting, and dance to the joy and rhythm of the soul”.


Salma is the owner of Your True Greetings, a successful greeting card company that serves the needs of Muslim communities in the US, Canada, Japan and UK.

Sculpture: Dancers 

In addition to her artistic work and entrepreneurship, she’s written a book titled “The Lyrical line” which has more than 100 images of her works. About her book Salma says: “My paintings celebrate life. In this art book, I have tried to trace with lines and color a trajectory of the human emotions, that all of us feel no matter where we are from and what our individual situations are".


She's remarkable! Bismillah MashaAllah

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