Blogger: Tiananda

I came across Tiananda's blog tealovecoffee after reading her interview in Hijab Style. She was kind enough to share her fashion tips. Her style is simple and comfy. I also noticed she loves pastel colours. 
Her blog is a work of art and is a pleasure to explore! It’s so cheerful and pleasant to the eye, just like her attitude.


The right side column is so pretty!

A DIY project

Tiananda teaches us a great lesson in blog design i.e. “like your taste in clothes, your blog has to match your style”. So give your blog something nice to slip into  :)

PS: Her grandpa passed away last week. Go give her your condolences.


tealovecoffee said...

Assalamu alaykum

Waaa... it's so nice to see my blog here, hehehe... thank youuuu Amber Misk ^___^

I also have some blogger friends who are absolutely creative... I'll email you soon :)

Amber Misk said...

Thanks Tiananda :)

desieria said...

i always read her blog.
Tiananda, she is great friend and very talented ^_^

Wulandari said...

Yes,she is a great friend with wonderful attitude. :)

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