Fruitful Fusion: Crochet Saudi Style

We had a lovely stop at Safe House in Kuwait, and now its time for a quick visit to Saudi Arabia. Today we get to see the colourful work of Fruitful Fusion.

Whenever someone mentions embroidery, weaving, knitting and sewing I remember Allah Almighty’s words:

“Do not be like the lady who unravels her weaving 
after she had woven it strongly”
(Holy Quran, Al Nahl, Chapter 16 Ayah 92)
Allah Almighty gives us an example of a lady who carefully and patiently weaves threads of wool together, and after she has made them into a strong piece of cloth, she unties the threads. Now all her effort applied becomes of no use. A gentle warning for us not to unravel our good work.

Now thanks to Fruitful Fusion, we'll always remember this Ayah when we  visit her blog. Bismillah MashaAllah.

For those who love handmade items like I do, really feel the passion and effort of the artists work. It just takes one glance and boom you are captivated.
Lovely backpacks.

Oh such bright colours. Her work is beautiful and colourful.
I wonder if she could do a colourful crochet Abaya? Or perhaps you might suggest something else.

What would you like Fruitful Fusion attempt this year?

(images Fruitful fusion)


Fruitful Fusion said...

Assalaamu Alaykum dear sister, I am absolutely gobsmacked. What a surprise! The past few days have been a bit of blur with the death of a loved one. I've come back to find this ma sha Allah. I don't deserve the credit, but you have put a smile on my face.

tealovecoffee said...

Masha Allah, she's so talented! :D
How I wish I can do crochet too...

Amber Misk said...

FF.. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Insha Allah your grandmother will be in Allah's mercy. I pray that Allah gives you and your family patience and blessings. Ameen.

Kate said...

Her work is gorgeous! So wonderful that you made her smile in this difficult time.