Gourmet: Cooking through boredom

I wasn’t bored today, on the contrary, super busy. However, I made time to visit NeverEver’s cooking blog. Her welcoming note is encouraging for those of us who know little of cooking. Alhamdulliah

“Food is definitely NOT my life. I don't spend all of my time cooking and really I'm not very good at it. But it is something I do as a hobby when I get bored or really hungry. I do it for friends and family usually, but sometimes just for me, although my motto is "food always tastes better when you share." NeverEver

I am on a veggie diet, but this makarona beshamel looks yummy and rich…

I heart chocolate cakes

For recipes visit her blog

Thanks for sharing


NeverEver said...


Thanks for the mention :-D

On the beshamel, you could make it without meat :-)

Amber Misk said...

Thanks NE :) all this time I thought it was a meaty rich meal