I’m in love with Green Muslims

When I first heard of Mujaddidun I  thought that the girls and boys will work together, just like “The Apprentice” (UK). But that interaction only happened after 5 episodes. I wonder is it because the show had to be different from “The Apprentice”, due to copyright regulations?

Anyway, I love the show, but I would have enjoyed it more if I got to see them working together from the start. If you are slightly disappointed, don’t be, because I am happy to report today that I stumbled upon a wonderful group. Young educated, bright Muslims working together to better their communities in many ways. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the Green Muslims.

About Green Muslims

Our group is one of many networks coming together around common values and collective action, building meaningful relationships and strength in the process. We believe the small changes we make, in ourselves and in our lives, have a wide ripple effect.

Our environmental work will be an entry-point to affect profound and lasting change in our communities and country on issues ranging from education and health to economics and social justice, insha’Allah.” DC Green Muslims

Like you I was curious to know what motivated them to join. Here's what some members said:

“I want to be a part of the change I desire for my community and humanity at large. Spirituality for me is recognizing my connection to all creation, and translating all commandments of my faith in action. Islam challenges us to a higher consciousness, to reach for our highest self, and in that, we begin to see past ourselves and fulfill our duty as caretakers of all creation, including each other.” Z. Aden

look at those blistered hands, I want to kiss them xxxx

“My niyyah for being involved with Green Muslims is to learn more about how to be respectful to the earth, to society, to ourselves and to each other through exploring the concept and reality of sustainability in a holistic manner.” Nadia

“My involvement with Green Muslims stems from my desire to help others see the inequalities that exist between those who have access to affordable housing in safe neighbourhoods, equitable transportation uses, healthy foods, and accessible green public space, and those who unfortunately do not.” Sarah

I want to create positive change within my community. As Muslims, we should be asking ourselves:
  1. What is our responsibility as caretakers (khalifa) of the earth?  
  2. How can our care and concern for creation (including humans) transform our relationship with each other and with our Creator?  
  3. How are our values the same or different from the dominant paradigm and how can this change our situation?  
We need to start a dialog within our community about the environment and related issues - sustainability, development, conservation, justice, equality, etc.” Sanjana

“I joined the DC Green Muslims group for several reasons: social, environmental and economic... but mostly because I believe that the Muslim imperative to bring religious meaning and spirituality to all parts of life also applies to our connection to nature (this includes people, too!).” Mohamad

We as Muslims are not asked to practice our faith in a vacuum. We clearly are told that what we do on a daily basis has effects on the larger society in which we live.” Sarsoorti

Finally I’d like to quote Allah Almighty

Let there arise out of you a group of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong. And it is they who succeed.”  (Holy Quran, Al Imran, Chapter 3 Ayah 104)

Aren't they inspiring? 

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Fatima said...

MashAllah, it would be great if there were more people like them in the world! About Mujaddidun, I am really disappointed with the show, I expected more out of it but it's like a rip-off of the Apprentice, oh well. Great post, thanx for sharing!!!

Amber Misk said...

Yes, Green Muslims are doing excellent work :) Bismillah MashAllah

Texan in UAE said...

Of course they are inspiring. Masha'a'allah!!!!!! may Allah reward them ameen