Hidden treasures in Aifa's suitcase

Asalamu Alaykum Peace be on you

You girls rock! Every time I visit your blogs I see and read interesting stuff that gets me inspired. First Wulandari’s interview that got Miracles of Dua buzzing on facebook. Second Tiananda's new business that will inspire us to jump start our own small businesses, and NOW what has Aifa got to teach us? Let’s unpack Aifa’s suitcase and learn how to be modest, feminine and fashionable :)

Bismillah, lets start our interview with Aifa:

Amber: Asalamu Alaykum Aifa and welcome to sisterswhoblog

Aifa: Waalaykum Alsalam, thank you for inviting me :) 

Amber: I like your logo, blog design and blog name. Please tell us the story of your blog.

Aifa: Although I registered around May 2008, I didn't get the chance to post until 29 October 2009. I designed the logo and template by myself and my husband helped me set-up the blog. I graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Design for textile, and studied a 6-month fashion design course.

Aifasuitcase is my place to pour my dreams and inspirations from what I have studied. It’s about my passion and ideas on design, especially in fashion. I love to sketch and experiment with fabrics, especially on surface design (like manipulating fabric techniques).

As you can see, some of my designs have textured fabrics. The outfits I design are all tailor-made; I just sew the application details.

I also do some illustrations from designers’ runway collections or stylish people’s outfits into a more hijab friendly look. So it can inspire others easily. 

Amber: What do you hope to accomplish through Aifasuitcase?

Aifa: I hope my ideas portray a positive value about fashion and modesty to other hijabist.

Amber: And do you plan to have your own fashion label in the future?

Aifa: Yes, I'd love to have my own fashion label :)

Amber: How do you keep your content fresh and unique, as many Muslimah fashion blogs cover the same trend?

Aifa: I display my creations and other designs with a personal creative touch.

Amber: Please describe your fashion style? And what colors and textiles you like best?

Aifa: It's feminine and dreamy. I really like pastel colors and work on contemporary and vintage textiles.

"I organized and designed my own wedding. It had a traditional Javanese and Sundanese design mix with a classic modern twist" Aifa

Amber: I am happy to hear that you are expecting, Alhamdulillah. What keeps you energized and focused to post regularly?

Aifa: Since my pregnancy I'm avoiding too much activity. Blogging is one of my favourite activities now, besides attending to my loving husband :)

Amber: What do you like about your city?

Aifa: There’s lots of inspiration here, especially when it comes to arts and fashion. It’s contemporary with a local influence.

Amber: What do you most value in your friends?

Aifa: Humour, kindness, personal quirkiness or the imagination to embrace it in others and their spiritual charity.

Amber: Which blogs do you like and why?

Aifa: I read lots of blogs randomly that discuss religion, health, family, environment, art and fashion.

Amber: Thank you Aifa, it’s been a pleasure having you on sisterswhoblog. Insha Allah we hope to see more of your designs and pray that you have a healthy baby. Ameen :)

images: aifasuitcase


tealovecoffee said...

Very nice interview, Amber ^^
congratz for Aifa... she's so inspiring!

aifa said...

I'm so happy Amber thank you so much!^^

Ashi said...

i love aifa's blog, its gorgeous and so inspiring!

Eva said...

mashaAllah lovely!!