(Bismillah Masha Allah) My Darling

Alhamdulillah I am married to a man with the most gorgeous heart and soul. This has been my first trip overseas that I wasn't thrilled about because its my first trip away from my husband. I know I didn't disclose before that I recently got married, even though I should be twirling on the mountain tops. Believe me I am :) I just didn't on this blog. 

Everyday I've spent away from him; he has sent me the most heart warming texts. They are so simple but I feel they are so much deeper than just romantic gestures and being sweet.

The thing about him is he will never, ever say a compliment or sweet talk and do all those things unless it’s completely genuine. It’s never out of routine or politeness or to receive something in return. He has just got the most honest heart and is the most real person I have ever met.

How I have watched him deal with work, family and friends, he is just so raw. What I mean by that, is what you see is what it truly is. He will never force a smile or laugh or hide his anger or when he is upset. Even though there are times he doesn't share in my laughter or he gets super mad a lot when I think he should control it (oh he’s a grumpy one), I love it! Because there is nothing about his actions that are fake or forced.

When he smiles, its because you have touched his heart, every hug is because he wants to feel my warmth, every kiss is out of love, every time I walk past he will grab my hand to just have me with him for a moment, he will only get mad about something that he feels worth getting mad about and he reveals exactly what things will bring a man down when he gets upset. And his words to me are never out of lust but truly out of love and real appreciation for me as a woman.

Oh he has done a lot of stupid things, like I said, he is real. But if he did something hurtful even in the slightest, the most remarkable thing is that I have never had to tell him. Its not that he sees it in my face and actions, he is just so aware of himself and the implications of what he does. Really it shocks me. Even small things that you just roll off your back, he will surprise me by just coming to me and not only apologise but tell me why he is apologising. I think it’s a real quality and very rare. I find that usually you have to explain to someone how you feel. But he will always approach me first and actually tell me how I am feeling, why I am feeling that way and sincerely apologise. When I do something stupid I don't think I handle it as maturely as he does.

Honestly, he is just the most beautiful soul. He really sees the good in people and doesn't speak badly about anyone. If he has a problem with someone he will leave it at that and won't go on to talk behind their back.

It doesn't take much to make each other happy. We treat each other simply; he doesn't spoil me with lavish gifts and aim to flatter me. We cook our dinner together everyday and sit down together to enjoy it. I feel spoilt every time we have cooked up something fabulous for dinner and we act so proud of ourselves :)

We have had to overcome the toughest of obstacles that have required immense effort and commitment, but the love should be effortless and it’s just so easy to love him. He sent me a text today that only contained a few words and I burst, I just burst into tears as soon as I read it sitting alone in the middle of a busy cafe. Today is his birthday and I badly wish I could be there to just treat him with everything he deserves. I just can’t wait to see his gorgeous face again.

About Me (Zahra)

I’m a researcher in health and development. I’m currently living in Australia with my gorgeous husband who shares the same passions in life with our pursuits, family and faith :)

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