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Assalamu Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu
I'd like to share with you 16 fun and frugal ways to teach Islam to your child:

1. Play games on Islamic Kid Websites

2. Print out Muslim colouring pages and worksheets

3. Dig through your recycling box and construct a masjid, then paint and decorate it!

4. Play Arabic Alphabet Beanbag toss

5. Make an Islamic month bunting banner out of construction paper and change it each month!

6. Craft a mini prayer mat for your child out of felt or fleece (it doesn't fray, so no sewing involved!)

7. Print out fun dua cards and tape them on the walls to practice together

8. Watch nasheeds, and islamic and arabic learning videos on Youtube

9. Go on a field trip where you can admire the beauty in Allah's creation saying "SubhanAllah" "MashaAllah"

10. Play Arabic Numbers Hopscotch on the sidewalk or in your driveway

11. Make Eid, Ramadan, and Aqeeqah cards to give to family and friends

12. Make a Lunar calendar moon mobile with all the different phases of the moon

13. Learn the 99 names of Allah nasheed

14. Decorate a jar from your recycling bin to make into a sadaqah donation jar

15. Embellish a tote bag with fabric paint to say "iqra" or "islam", etc or with a picture of a masjid on it, for your child to use to carry his/her books and prayer mat in

16. Visit my blog for more ideas and examples!!


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