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Assalaamu alaikum, hello, hi…………Thank you for dropping by.

My name is Emma Waller, I have run this little project for about two and a half years now. It all started after a holiday to Algeria, my husband is Algerian and we went to visit his family. I found it to be such a beautiful place with warm, friendly people. We had a great time!

But one thing really stuck with me, the children didn’t seem to have much ‘stuff’, in terms of clothing and especially toys. When I compared my childhood the difference was stark.   At that point I decided that I wanted to do something to help, when I had more time. That time came when I went on maternity leave from my job.
Algeria, near Tamanrasset, Tuareg children dressed for cold. Sahara Desert

I decided to start a little project that would collect unwanted toys and clothing and distribute them to needy children in Algeria. Since that time so many things have been donated, especially from the crafting community- knitters and crocheters have been so generous!

So, what do we do?
The aim of Algerian Action is to help relieve some of the difficulty that poverty brings to children and adults living in Algeria.

Not all people living in Algeria are poor, the country itself is rich in oil and gas and there are many people who enjoy very good lifestyles. Yet due to social problems like a severe shortage of housing and high unemployment many families live in conditions unseen in the UK.  It would be impossible to change these things quickly and completely beyond the scope of this small charity to do so but, we can all help in small ways.

We have five ongoing projects:

‘Essentials’- This was the reason for starting Algerian Action, it is our most important project. We provide clothing, toiletries, school supplies, toys and other essentials to children and families in need.

‘Bags for babies’- This is a project which provides mothers who have nothing or very little with a bag of goodies for their new arrival.  Typically each bag has a vest, babygro, hat, cardigan, bootees, mittens and a toy. These items are then placed in a drawstring bag which mum can use as she wishes.

‘Just squares’ this is our blanket making project.  Due to the length of time it takes to knit a complete blanket we have found that many people are reluctant to take on the task however, a six-inch square knits up much quicker and people are very happy to use up their oddments in this way.  Once the squares are made into beautiful patchwork the blankets are given to children and families in need.

‘Project washables’-
This is our newest project.  Following the news that there were ladies using bin liners as sanitary pads we began making and providing packs of washable sanitary towels to those who need them. For more details on this and a free pattern click here

‘Eid gift bag appeal’- 2010 is the first year that this project is running but it will hopefully become an annual event.  The aim is to collect items of clothing toys, sweets etc which can be made up into a gift bags and distributed to as many children as possible as a celebratory gift for Eid ul Fitr.

If you know of someone living in Algeria who needs a little help please get in touch and a parcel will be on its way! Equally, if you would like to donate or help the project in some other way it would be great to hear from you.

Best wishes,

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May Allah reward you and all those involved in this noble and generous project.