Meet Mubarakah

Mubarakah Ibrahim is the owner and head trainer of BALANCE fitness Studio for women. She offers fitness education, personal training and group fitness classes.

Her fitness education was earned through the internationally recognized Aerobic and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) as a Certified Personal Trainer/Fitness Counsellor.  

Mubarakah lectures, promotes and conducts workshops on alternative health, fitness and healthy living throughout the United States.   She is a national speaker and both a published freelance writer and poet. She lives with her husband and 4 children in New Haven, CT.

In this video she talks about her experience on the Oprah Winfrey Show :)


Fruitful Fusion said...

Ma sha Allah tabaarak Allah!!! Great stuff!!! Well done Mubarakah!!! May Allah give you success in this life and the hereafter!

saara said...


The enthusiasm and dedication of sister Mubarakah comes across so beautiful, MashaAllah, both here and on her website.

Now I feel motivated to do some much needed shaping up ;)

And to sister Mubarakah, shukran for positively portraying Muslim women on U.S. national television. I think you spoke for Muslim women all around the world.

Keep up the good work!

C said...

Masha Allah she is very engaging. I bet she really gets her participants pumped.